Training Courses

We provide training in first aid too!

Welcome to Approved First Aid- T/A Accidental Health and Safety- East Brisbane & Sunshine Coast.

We provide first aid safety kits (Sales and Restocking) to high risk industrial estates and businesses requiring safety kits, servicing the East Brisbane and Sunshine Coast regions.


Sudden cardiac arrest, severe hemorrhage, stroke, brain and spinal injuries and other medical emergencies can happen without warning at work. When it does …

Every second count!!

Would you know what to do? Would your employees be ready to act with speed and competence in a workplace medical emergency? They would if they were trained in first aid. Leaving first aid treatment until the paramedics arrive may result in permanent injury or even death for the victim. Trained first aiders can make the difference between a life or death outcome.

We appreciate that it’s hard to juggle all the things that have to be done and yet make time for the things that must be done. That is why we offer a range of course dates both midweek and Saturdays. Courses can be conducted at your workplace to minimise downtime and the course content can then be contextualised to reflect your specific workplace risks.


    Provide First Aid (inc. CPR)Provide First Aid RefresherProvide CPRProvide CPR RefresherLow Voltage Rescue (inc. CPR)